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What You Should Do If You Exposed To Covid 19 Positive

It’s high time time to take care of our health during this pandemic and recently two of my friend’s family members were got corona positive and he was living in the same house so I thought he strictly needs to take precautions if he is gonna stay there because when his mother and sister got covid -19 positive report he was with them and he was taking care them till he wasn’t knew that they were infected So once they got the report they immediately admitted both of them to the hospital.

Talking about the symptoms 

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Symptoms were shocking first they went out of town for some work and then they got fever,cold and normally they were taking medicines then they visited few doctors and didn’t even think of testing for corona so then they came back and suddenly his mother was vomiting for 2 days whatever she eats she vomits and sister was not able to breathe,leg pain,back pain and not able to eat anything but till this moment they were taking lightly then first report of his mother everything is normal and his sister tested covid-19 positive then she was taken to the hospital and his mother was still vomiting then again they had given blood sample to recheck,once report in hand,immediately admitted.

Once I got to know this,I was concerned and I have studied lot of ‘WHO’ declarations and other university experimental studies to get to know more about it than I already knew.
First I want you to tell you that it is natural to get anxious and panicked in such a case but
it is more important to take necessary precautions to avoid the spread of covid-19.


So precautions can be more for person exposed to covid-19 positive than the person himself tested covid-19 positive.Now I will be talking about the precautions should be taken by the person who got exposed to covid-19:

1. Self quarantine 

First step to stay quarantined at your for 14-days and do not step out of your home and meet other people because you may not see symptoms now but after 10-14 days you might get to see that you are infected or not.Do not have visitors if they come,maintain distance and meet them after 14 days.

2. Quarantine yourself from animal in your home.

Avoid contact with pets and animals.If possible,have a member of your household care,but if you must care for them,make sure you covering your face and wash your hands before and after interacting with them.

3. Wear a face cloth covering 

Cover your face with mask or available clean cloth and people in your home should not be in the same room or they should do face covering before entering your room.

4. Clean your hands often 

Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 secs and if it is not available,use alcohol based hand sanitizer which should have 60% alcohol.Do not touch your face if your are not sanitized or washed properly.

5. Cover your cough and sneezes 

You might have cough or sneeze but you don’t know whether it’s normal  viral or covid-19 symptoms so wash your hands each time you cover your face and throw used cloths or tissues.

6. Don’t share your personal items

Do not share your personal belongings includes drinking glasses,eating utensils,dishes,towels,bedding with other family members or pets in your home.

7. Make sure you clean high touch surfaces 

High touch surfaces likes doorknobs,
kitchencounter,tablets,keyboards,phones,toilets,bathroom fixtures and tabletops.Use cleaning spray so that surface will be DRM-free.

In my next blog I will be talking about what covid-19 patients should eat and precautions needs to be taken.

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