What is the keto diet?Ketogenic diet is a diet plan with very low-carb,high- fat diet has same similarities as Atkins diet.This involves reducing carbohydrates drastically and replacing it with fat.Reduction in carbs puts your body into metabolic state called ketosis.

Normally your body uses carbohydrates,such as starch,sugar and breaks them into glucose which will be used as an energy source in your body.Glucose can be used immediately as a fuel or it can be sent to liver and muscles and stored as glycogen.

In ketosis mechanism,the liver turns the fat into ketones which are used by the body as fuel for various functions that body does.

Basically what we are doing here is forcing our body to use fat as a fuel source as our body has no other choice as we are limiting the intake of carbohydrates.

Normally while doing weight loss,we restrict calories.We eat less than we required in a day.Restricting calories forced your body to draw an existing fat stores to do your everyday activities, necessary bodily functions and workout.

But first you have to use all the calories that you have taken in that day then you will start burning fat.

What is the keto diet ? And how it works?

let’s take one example to understand this,you have some balance in your bank account and some cash you earned that day.So first you will use up all the cash that you have earned that day before you will withdraw money from the bank.

Here same happens with the body,all the glucose will have to be used first before the body converts fat into energy.

But When you reach ketosis state,you will directly use fat for almost all body functions so you get slim at much faster rate.

ketones are actually produced in small amounts whenever you go for many hours without eating,like after a full night’s sleep.

Initially keto die introduced to treat epilepsy.Ketogenic diet is means of treatment used since 1920 for intractable epilepsy.

Dr. Russel M. Wilder,a physician at mayo clinic in Minnesota,suggested that ketogenic diet could treat epilepsy in 1920.It was suggested as a dietary treatment that will produce same benefits like fasting,which has already shown proven results in cases of epilepsy.

I am sure you must be questioning,what is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is the common and disabling neurological disease which can be controlled successfully in many patients with one or more antiepileptic drugs.

30% of the patients with epilepsy have refractory epileps,in which medicines doesn’t control symptoms.So it was necessary to search for alternative treatment like ketogenic diet.

So here this diet copies the fasting process and uses fat as primary fuel source and produce ketone bodies,which induces urinary ketosis.

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