What is love handles

What is love handles? -Mostly people have question “how do they know if they have love handles?” So stand straight,look in the mirror,”do you have pudge above your hips?” Yes! Then you have love handles.It totally depend upon your body type and how you carry your weight,chances are unless your body has 10-12% fat,you probably have love handles.

You know there was a commercial in the 1980’s that asked “Can you pinch an inch?” Unfortunately, I cannot remember the brand being promoted. Anyway, they referred to your side, just above your hips. Supposedly the organs and skin could be pinched somewhat, but an inch or more reveals some belly fat. Love handles refers to some belly fat where no test is necessary, it is obvious that there is belly fat.

What is love Handles?

What is love handles

Love Handles are nothing but the excess fatty areas sits on either side of the waist above your hips.Love handles occur due to fat retention around your abdominal area and the hips.You can consider love handles as signal obesity,it means it shows that you have body fat around your abdominal area or your hips which may lead to higher risk of certain conditions.

This article covers the causes of love handles and what kind of excercises and lifestyle changes need to be adapted to minimize the appearance of love handles.

Why and when Love Handle term appeared?

“Love handle” is firstly appeared in the late 1960s.This term is used when the fat may have accumulated around the sides of the individual’s waist irrespective of any weight.This weight can be visible extending over the edge of your pants or skirts.

“Muffin Top” is another word people use to describe the body fat that extends over your waistline.

Causes of love handles

The main cause of love handles is fat retention around specific areas of your body.Fat cells accumulate when you consume more calories than you burn.So overtime this excessive consumption can lead to fat accumulation especially in areas surrounding your waist and hips.

No doubt fat can accumulate in any part of your body,but fat storage is more common in some areas of your body such as hips,abdominal areas lower back.(what is love handles?)

There are various factors which can influence your body fat distribution and can contribute to the development of love handles such as:

Stress and sleep deprivation

Stress and sleep deprivation both can affect cortisol levels and cortisol is the glucocorticoid that affects metabolism,boosts appetite and causes your body to store more fat.So if you don’t want love handles,I won’t say don’t take stress,Just make yourself busy which you love more.This can be the best way to decrease your cortisol levels.


Harmones in our body works as chemical messengers that regulate bodily processes.Certain hormones such as insulin,leptin,growth harmones,sex harmones can influence your metabolism,appetite and body fat distribution.

If the person has obesity may have fluctuations in his harmone levels,which may encourage the accumulation of body fat.


Age might be a factor in developing love handles,as body composition changes as people age.Hence muscle mass will begin to decrease,while body fat accumulation increases.Thus it results in body fat accumulating around your hips and waist.

If you are not active physically

If you are not doing regular excercise and or your lifestyle lack a physical activity can contribute to love handles development.If you don’t burn more calories than you consume then you may begin to accumulate body fat.

In addition to lack of physical activity,a diet high in sugars,fats and high calorie foods may also contribute to fat accumulation.I will share you one tip which will be very useful and intellectual to avoid body fat accumulation.

Medical conditions

If the person has untreated medical conditions such as hypothyroidism can also increase the likelihood of weight gain and love handles.

The thyroid gland is very important part of our body,it produces harmones that regulates bodily processes.So if a person’s thyroid is not working correctly, then may gain weight and develop love handles.As hyperthyroidism develops slowly,people may not notice symptoms for months or years.

Potential health risks

Love handles is not dangerous but obesity and body fat accumulation may lead to the higher risk of following conditions:

  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Kindney disease
  • Cardiometabolic conditions
  • Sleep apnea
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Liver disease

4 excercises to get rid of your love handles

1.Side planks

What is love handles

Plank is one of my favourite excercise in core workout.we all know it is a most effective way to tone your core muscles and side plank very effective directly addresses your love handles.Let me tell you how to do it,lie down one side,then place your elbow on unders your shoulder and lift yourself up supporting yourself on the forearm.Make sure your body is in straight line and try to hold for a minute slowly drop your hips down back.start with 10 reps on either sides and try upto 30 reps.

2.Russian twists

What is love handles

Lie down on the floor,now come back in sitting position with knees bent and feet flat on the floor then tighten your core while keeping spine straight lean back and lift your feet off the floor.Now slightly turn to left side until your hands at your left hip and then right.Repeat these 20-30 reps depending upon your capacity.


What is love handles

Doing specific excercise won’t get you rid of love handles,multiple combination excercises can help you to get rid of them.Cardio is great to burn calories,you must do any kind of cardio excercise like cycling, jogging, walking, running, dancing,swimming atleast for 30 minutes each day.These are really effective in slimming love handles and burning calories.Start slowly and then slowly up the face everyday.


Yoga-what is love handles

You must do 1 hour of Yoga atleast 3-4 times a week.Almost what ever the Yoga types you do,it is mostly strengthen your abdominal region since almost every asans uses your core to perform Yoga.The best poses you should try out are: Navasana(boat),Trikonasana(triangle),Chaturanga(low plank),utkatasana(chair),veerabadrasan(warrior).

Lifestyle Changes you need to do to get rid of love handles

  • Stress less and find reason to get smile on your face so that you can feel happiness
  • Say No to Added sugar
  • Move throughout the day (most important tip).
  • Get enough sleep so your bodily processes can work finely
  • Include fiber in your diet
  • Focus on healthy fats,Include some healthy fats in your diet like avocado,seeds,nuts,olive oil,fatty fish can help you to get rid of your love handles.
  • Lift weights

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