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What happens if you sleep more than 8 hours?

There is lot of research has been done on sleeping hours and lot of facts are shown to confirm how much a person should sleep in 24hrs.Many people says that they love to sleep for longer hours and some people sleep only 5-6 hrs,so it’s all related to habits and lifestyle.

Who doesn’t love to to sleep?, “everyone”, we all love to sleep because sleep is the main process of our body,during sleep all biological processes starts like the body repairs the cells,restore energy and release molecules like proteins and hormones.The brain stores new information and get rid of toxic waste. It repairs the body muscles and our brain processes all thr data collected throughout the day and also checks for future possibilities(dreams!) etc.I will be writing a separate blog on this where we will briefly discuss what happens during sleep and how it is very crucial part of our life.

National sleep foundation guidelines advises healthy adults need between 7-9 hours and young children,teens,babies even need more for their growth and development and people over 60-65 should also get 7-8 hours of sleep.This is just the guidelines made based on human body research. So now if a person is sleeping more than 8 hrs which can not be considered good for health based on the lifestyle he or she is living.

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