What does beetroot juice do for your body:Dark pinkish Beetroot juice is an ancient remedy to cure health issues.It has been used over generations to regenerate the whole organism and remove toxins.

Beet is dark pinkish sweet root vegetable that most people either love or hate.I can’t have only beetroot becoz you feel something like not ok taste but from last decades it has risen to superfood status.It is also known beetroot juice which gives you wonderful benefits to your health.

Do you know how much our body is open to toxic elements.The removal of toxic or poisonous fluids from the body is essential. Not only our lifestyle,diets but also the outside environment absorb a lot of toxins, harmful free radicals, germs and more.

These toxic elements and germs enter the body and disrupt the normal functioning of our vital organs.

What does beetroot juice do for your body?

You must be having this question “what does beetroot juice do for your body?”So this is what happens when you drink beetroot juice.

1.Removal of Poisons:

Detoxification of blood help our body to eliminate all toxins, impurities and improves kidney and liver function. This kidneys and liver work properly which protects these organs from the damage caused by toxins.

Beetroot juice also helps the organs from the stress and anxiety impact on the body. The medicinal properties of garlic, ginger, red beet and lemon help regenerate liver, kidney and blood cells by affecting their function.

2. Purifies Blood

The Blood purification process removes toxins and free radicals that cause problems in the body, such as allergies, headaches, low immunity and other health problems.

Healthy blood affects the mechanism of body function by transporting oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body.

The magic juice of Beetroot and Garlic

Preparing this cleansing fluid will help you naturally cleanse the blood of toxins, liver and kidneys.


1 medium red beetroot and 1 apple
2 garlic cloves
Two thin slices of ginger
A teaspoon of lemon juice


Transfer all ingredients to the blender. Finally add lemon juice if you want a little more water and drink on an empty stomach.

Consume this juice up to 7 times throughout the week and this way your blood, kidneys and liver will be completely cleared of toxins.(what does beetroot juice do for your body)

3. It Improves your excercise stamina

According to the 2012 research,Drinking beetroot juice can increase your plasma nitrate levels and boosts your physical performance.

During the experiment,trained cyclists who drank 2 cups of beetroot juice daily improved their 10 kilometer time trial by approximately 10 seconds and also reduced their maximum oxygen output.

4. Helps lower your blood pressure

Researchers have found that people who drank 250 ml( 8.4 ounces)of beetroot juice daily lowered both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.Nitrates, compounds in beet juice that convert into nitric oxide in the blood and help widen and relax blood vessels, cconsidered as cause.

5. It has good nutritional profile

Beetroot juice contains a various essential vitamins and minerals.Drinking this juice regularly can help prevent deficiencies in these following nutrients.

A 100 ml serving of organic beetroot juice, which is equivalent to a small glass, contains 29 calories, no fat, and the following nutrients:

0.42 grams (g) of protein
7.50 g of carbohydrates
5.42 g of sugar
0.40 g of fiber

Beetroot juice also contains antioxidants and antioxidants reduce oxidative stress, which research has linked to the development of cancer, inflammatory conditions, and heart disease.

Beetroot is a rich source of essential vitamins and minerals, including:

  • folate: It is important for DNA and cell health
  • vitamin B-6:It supports metabolism and red blood cell production
  • calcium, is an essential mineral for bone growth and strength
  • iron : It allows red blood cells to carry oxygen
  • magnesium: A mineral that supports immune, heart, muscle, and nerve health
  • manganese : It contributes to the regulation of metabolism and blood sugar levels
  • phosphorous: It is an essential nutrient for teeth, bones, and cell repair
  • copper: It plays a role in making collagen, maintaining bones and blood vessels, and supporting immune function
  • zinc: It promotes wound healing, supports the immune system, and encourages normal growth.

Beetroots also contain other beneficial compounds:

  • Phytochemicals: It give plants their color and flavor. They also stimulate the immune system, minimize inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress.
  • Betalains: These are responsible for the deep red color of beetroots. These pigments have promising antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antitoxic properties.
  • Nitrates: These are group of organic compounds that improve blood flow and promote heart health.

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