“What causes the hair to turn gray?” Is the most asked question nowadays.Your hair turns gray because of lack of melanin.Our hair likely to turn gray as we age,the follicles at the base of hair shaft cease to produce melanin.Every follicle contains a finite number of pigment cells.So these pigment cells produce melanin,a chemical that gives hair shaft(the visible strand) its color like brown,black,blonde,red and all shades in between.The lightness and darkness of your hair only depends on how much melanin each strand contains. Melanin is the same chemical that makes your skin tan upon exposure to the sun.

What causes the hair to turn gray? Is it aging?

once you start aging,the pigment cells in the follicle gradually die off.As this happens,that strand will no longer contain as much color and will show up as gray,silver or white as it grows.Eventually all the pigment cells will die and your hair becomes completely gray.

Research answers this question “what cause the hair to turn gray?”

Based on research,the age at which you go gray is determined by your Genes.An estimate can be calculated by observing the ages at which your parents and grandparents went gray. Some people get gray hair as early as high school -whereas some people may not get gray hair before their forties or fifties.Example:Most caucasian women show their first gray hair at their mid thirties.

Graying process typically occurs over a long time,From the time,a person notices the first gray strands,it can take upto ten years or more to complete the process.

what cause hair to turn gray? Genes!

While genetics is the most common cause of gray hair,other things can also be the reason behind your graying process,like lack of B vitamins(particularly pantothenic acid,poor nutrition,anemia,lack of iron in the blood),thyroid issues or smoking can contribute to graying.Somkers can go gray at their early age because smoking depletes oxygen in the bodies tissues.

If a person is getting treatments for cancer or AIDS can also causes hair to turn gray.

It is also said that shock can also causes people to go gray overnight but the theory has generally been discounted.

Sometimes parents claim that stress of having children has also caused them to go gray,this theory has also been discounted.

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