What are the most underrated Weight Loss tips 

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Fitness conscious people always says that Fitness is damn simple its us that makes it difficult.

My first and most underrated tip is this:

1. You should learn to say NO


It is one of the most important tip for weight loss because you need will power and resistance to food especially junk food.Majority of people are fond of sweets,spicy and some are of junk food but not me!yes,I love sweets,it’s just change my mood but control over them is difficult once start saying No then you can easily resist to your favourite food.Main concept is calorie in vs calorie out & if you are not saying No to your family members or friends or colleagues then you can easily skip saying No and soon will be on off track from your fit life.

Don’t forget that first not No is okay but the second time if you are not saying No you will make that food your habit,you need lot of time to again be on track,I personally experienced this.

2. Correct  your portion size

Your main focus is what you should eat but it is actually more related to how you should eat.If we are eating healthy but we are eating more than our daily needs and this is because if you are eating too fast so our mind can’t think that actually we are full but we continue eating more.It takes time to send signal to your brain than you are full.

3. Forget about carbohydrates makes you fat

Please don’t misunderstood,its the calories you get inside your body if it’s more than what you burn you’ll eventually gain weight and let’s take an example of another nutrient ,which is the protein eat more than what your body actually needs you’ll gain weight.I know some points are hard to believe but many fitness studies are proving this.

4. Don’t stick to the limited excercise types

Try training differently every 2nd day and challenge yourself.Try to make 7 days excercise plan like 2 days weight lifting,1day cardio and 1 day full body yoga alternatively.know yourself which workout make you feel tough to do and do that only I always experiments with different kind of workout to get the maximum benefits for the full body.

5. Sleep 

Sleep should be priority like your fitness. Don’t compromise your sleep with the entertainment try to sleep atleast 7 hrs as many people have lot of work to do even ,I sleep 6.5 hrs I really try my best to take complete sleep for the best results. Workout like a labour but sleep like a baby at night. People don’t understand the importance of a good quality sleep when it comes to muscle building and fitness in general.

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