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What Are The Best Methods To Relieve Stress 

After reading lot of Articles and books, I have realised that many people have thousand ways to reduce stress and every one has their own perspective on stress management and I have seen that people also misinterpret stress,anxiety and depression.Actually they all are different and we should understand deeply what is stress before discussing on stress management.

Stress is an often unpleasant feeling when you have to handle more than you are used to.It is your perceived reality not fitting your own expectations and people make it so complex that this is such a dangerous disease,this is where they mistaken.we need to understand that we are humans and our whole body works on psychological and biological mechanisms so stress psychological response to any stimuli.

Firstly we need to accept that not only you and me are stressed out but everyone in the world feeling the same so don’t google more and more about it this is the first mistake we are doing.I wanted to write this blog from long time becoz people are assuming that they have stress and reading on google making them more stress.It is ok to read sometimes but people are desperately looking for the answers.

Symptoms of stress

Everyone has different reasons to take stress whether you are doing office work or as an freelancer,we all have daily targets or we are not getting peace at home or we start thinking about things which we often see and starts questioning or we oftenly don’t like other person’s thoughts or behavior and many unexpected situations.

Why we get stress it’s because we are full of feelings,perceptions and conciousness and we are always related to our past,present and future so when these all mixed up,,we have different beliefs towards a person,place or thing and we react accordingly.So not only any particular work can make you stress sometimes you see something which you don’t like and you stressed out.

What are the methods to relieve stress?

Very important thing I will be telling you now and you should take it for the lifetime because that’s the reality of our life.Instead of searching on how to relieve stress moreover we should start accepting our stress because the more you accept it,you will be free from it.I know its easier to be said than done but this is how we can actually manage our stress.While you are trying to get into this process,let me tell you some best tips for stress management,

  • Self-understanding:Self identifying as a unique personality.
  • Self-management 
  • Excercise 
  • Travel
  • Exploring nature 
  • Doing yoga and Meditation 
  • Good night sleep
  • Self-talk
  • Breathing excercise 
  • Adaptive habits
  • Accepting the situation
  • Listening music
  • Read books 
  • Any creative work
  • Fasting (My priority)

It seems very simple now and you know I get tons of thoughts but still I am a happy person from inside when I do some creative work like my photoshoots or video editing and most of the time reading books takes me to the different world so reading books is the best tip to feel relaxed.keep showering your love by reading my blogs and will come up with the more helpful blogs on similar topics.

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