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Top 7 tips to gain weight in a healthy way

About 60% of people in India are either overweight or obese and there are many people with the opposite problem like being too skinny.
So this is a concern,being underweight is considered as bad for your health as being overweight.
If you want to gain weight,it’s important to focus on right ways.Mostly people feel bad of being underweight and they just start eating more sugar,more carbs,full fat food and processed food just thinking about gaining weight but they don’t understand how harmful it is to gain weight in this way.It will not result in weight gain but they get fat gain that will destroy their health.
If you are underweight,what you should try to achieve is lean muscle mass not the abdominal fat which causes various health risks.Gaining weight seems simple that you got to eat a lot put on weight and vice versa however,it ain’t that simple but it is doable.

Why people are skinny even if they eat a lot 

There are some people who are suffering from this skinny tag due to their hyperactive metabolism.Being underweight is also harmful to health,so the first thing you should ensure is the reason for being underweight.There are many health problems or medical reasons due to which you are not able to gain weight like stomach infection,celiac disease,diabetes, thyroid, anorexia and many others.But if you are perfectly fit and healthy then you should pay attention on your diet regime followed by excercise routine.
You know I have read many fitness stories and there is a boy who was skinny in his 20’s then he started focusing on proper diet regime and excercise and you won’t believe what he said about the time he took to gain from 56 kg to 75 kg that is more than 6 years.
He started working out with no preparation and zlich understanding of nutrition.He made mistakes and over the course of time he learnt what works for him and what doesn’t.So this is pretty inspiring example and if yh really want to gain weight in a healthy way you need to understand how your body absorbs the nutrients and how it reacts on different foods.

1. Eating Habits

Diet plays a very important role in our fitness journey.The prime goal of your diet is to gain muscle mass not belly tyres.So you should avoid junk food,carbonated drinks,processed food as they can accumulate to other health related problems.Make a healthy diet plan or consult any nutritionist.

2. Take care of digestion

To gain weight,you don’t have to “eat more”.This is the mistake in which all the skinny people fall.
You have to reinforce the transformation and assimilation process,otherwise you will never be assimilate what you eat and if you are not assimilating the food you eat properly then everything you swallow turns into toxins.
The weakness of digestion is also a vulnerability that has risen over time due to an abuse of gluten,milk and dairy products,excess legumes,desserts,yeast,frozen and junk foods,raw and cool foods.
To balance your digestion and bring it back to the normal cycle,these food categories must be eliminated for a while.
The second step is to introduce habits that will help you to restore the digestion.
Hot water:It should be drunk between meals not before meals otherwise you will leave less space for food.
Organ clock: You should not eat late in the evenings as this is the habit that damages the liver.
Chewing consciously:each meal much consumed slowly and each bite must be chewed properly.

3  Take enough protein

Protein plays a trump card in weight gain process as muscles are build up with this nutrient only.A high protein diet can build up more muscles.So consuming eggs,pulses,soya,milk,fish,nuts and other protein rich foods helps you gain more muscle mass.

4. Introduce healthy fats 

You need raw healthy fats to nourish your body and gain weight which you must consume in the amount of 5-6 tablespoons per day. 
The fats you need to consume are mainly Ghee,according to the ayurvedic medicine ghee has the substance to restore the vital essence of the body with which we are born and which we generally squander.
It is very useful to absorb minerals,for the brain,
for the bones,to absorb calcium and to deeply nourish the skin so that it is not dry and dehydrated,it gives you essence of satiety that your body needed.

5. Excercise regularly 

Try to focus on weight lifting to improve your strength so that your cells can be toned and converted into muscles.Atleast do weight lifting thrice a week and cardio,meditation,running,
stretching,free body excercises etc. are good excercises to give a good  shape to your body.

6. Plan meals the right way

To gain weight you need to take 3 main savoury meals (including breakfast) harmonious and complete in nutrients.Breakfast and lunch must contain healthy raw protein,vegetables and fats,carbs.I suggest that every meal should contain good ratio of protein,carb,healthy fats.

7 .Have plenty of sleep

To get the maximum benefits from your diet and excercise,you have to take a nice sleep around 6-7 hrs.


I didn’t share any particular diet plan because every body works differently so it’s better to understand your body what really works on you.Give yourself time and don’t wait for results, just work for them.

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