Symptoms of a harmone imbalance in females: Harmone Imbalance in females can affect negatively their mind so they become nervous and irrational and to have any number of physical problem as a result but notably hot flashes at different times of day with varying frequencies and intensities.

Harmone Imbalance occurs when there is malfunction of one or more harmones in the body.Each harmone effects on the body and harmonal imbalance can be different,based on the harmones involved.

When a female has inadequate supplies of nutrients,inordinate stress or toxic influences,then hormones become unbalanced.

Many experts says that some of the common causes of imbalances in harmone production in females are pre-menstrual syndrome,pregnancy and menopause.There are also other lifestyle factors which can be the cause for harmone fluctuations.

Now we understood how harmone imbalances can occur so let’s understand what could be the symptoms for harmonal imbalances.

Symptoms of a harmone imbalance in females


There is a Harmone called melatonin which produces inside the brain,which is in the gland in the epithalamus.A state of sleepiness in our body induced by this harmone and help us fall asleep.If we have low levels melatonin will interfere our sleep cycles and will make it difficult to fall asleep.


The female body is having abnormal growth of hair on face and body It is normal for female body to make testosterone and low levels of this harmone doesn’t cause excess hair growth.

But when the level of testosterone increases,they can cause hirsutism and other things like small breasts,deep voice,acne etc.So it is common to have high levels of male harmones and hirsutism in the females who have polycystic ovary syndrome.

Dryness in Vagina

Sometimes It is normal to have dryness in vagina but if you often that you are irritated and dry down there,low estrogene might be the reason.Estrogene harmones helps vaginal tissue stay moist and comfortable.

At the time penetration,the skene and bartholin glands secrete a natural lubricant that protects the inner lining of the vagina.

Changes in breasts:

If there is drop in estrogene harmone can make your breast tissue less dense and if this harmone increases,can even causing new lumps or cysts.

Frequent Urination:

There is a anti-dierutic harmone called Vasopressin which regulates blood pressure and the balance of fluids in living beings.The more Vasopressin we release,the less urine we tend to pass but if we dont have enough Vasopressin,more oftenly we go to bathroom.

Milk Discharge from breasts:

A female Body is having mammary glands in their breasts,which allows them to produce milk.There is a harmone called prolactin,which controls the secretion of milk.Too much of prolactin produces more milk and release through the nipples.

Depression and Mood swings:

Researchers think that if there the harmone level drops or fast changes in their levels and cause mood swings and the blues.Estrogen affects brain chemicals like serotonin,dopamine,non-epinerphine.Other harmones that travels the same path as neuro-transmitters,also plays a role on how you feel.(symptoms of a harmone imbalance in females)


In the case of females,high levels of androgens will disturb the menstrual cycle,which is much needed to prepare the womb for implantation.

Less Energy or Feeling Fatigue:

It is one of the most common symptoms of a harmone imbalance in females.If there is insufficient production or release of thyroid harmone then it will slow down your metabolism,which means that we release energy at much slower rate and as a result we feel fatigued and less energy.

Hunger pangs:

If you are feeling frequent pangs of hunger then it is also a sign that shows your harmones are up and down.Our body secrets numbers of harmones that control our appetite and hunger, so if there is any imbalance in these harmones will cause to food cravings and may lead you to gain excess weight.

Menstrual -Cramps during Periods:

There are two harmones estrogene and progesterone which influence the uterine contractions as well as the amount and the quality of endometrium that Is generated and eliminated.

If the production of endometrium harmone is not well regulated,Periods could be too heavy or other way around.

Weight Gain:

When you can feel blue or irritated,It can be because of you estrogene harmone when its level dip,then you want to wat more.That might be the reason why drops in harmone linked to weight gain.

Estrogen level can also effect body’s level of leptin,a harmone that regulates food intake.In “Doctor OZ Show” dr. Natasha Turner said that many harmonal imbalances will make it difficult to lose weight.

Hair loss and Hair Thinning:

Thyroid harmones control the growth rate of hair,so if we don’t have enough thyroid harmone,our hair will become thinner and lead to hair loss.

Changes in Dryness of Skin:

If You feel your skin is too dry or too oily,that is because it is controlled by thyroid harmones such as thyronine and tyrosine.So if there is an imbalance in these harmones,it will affect the dryness of the surface of your body,either making it too dry or too oily.(symptoms of a harmone imbalance in females)

Feeling of Anxiety :

Adrenalin harmone activates in our body when we are in the situation of stress or anxiety. If too adrenalin produces, it induce our body to enact a stress response, that we associate with an organic or psychological state of anxiety: restlessness,increased breathing rate and heartbeat,quick thoughts,digestive disruptions and nervousness.(symptoms of a harmone imbalance in females)

Masculinization or Virilization:

If there is a development of male physical characteristics (such as body hair,muscle bulk and deep voice) in a female, typically this can be due to the excess production of androgen harmone.

Dark Skin:

This is the symptom of not having enough adrenalin in your bloodstream,results is the change of color of your skin.This symptom is also called as hyperpigmentation,and could be a sign that you don’t have enough adrenalin in your body.

Memory Issue or Mind Fog:

It is the symptom of hypothyroidism,a condition that affects thyroid gland which is placed in our thyroid.If we dont have enough thyroid harmone,then it will affect our brain and cause mind fog.

Changes in levels of estrogene and progesterone can make your head feel foggy and make it harder for you to remember things.

Muscular Cramps:

Cramp is an unexpected and involuntary contractions of group of muscular fibers.Muscular cramps can be caused due to harmone deficiency ,namely insufficient level of harmone insulin.

Loss of Libido(Sex drive):

Most people are thinking that testosterone is the male harmone,but female body also produces it.If your testosterone levels are lower than usual,you might have less of interest in sex than you usually do.

Because your ovaries producing sex harmones so f there is any imbalance in your harmone levels can affect your sexual desire.Estrogene is associate with increased sex drive and progesterone Is associated with reduced desire for sexual intimacy.

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