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Surprising Health Benefits of Fasting For 24 hrs

I tried it,24 hour fast

I am writing this blog because I did fasting for exact 24 hrs and I felt very different physically,
mentally and spiritually.It actually has tons of benefits!
Health disclaimer :
Long term fasting is not for everyone ans ofcourse can have many health risk if conducted in unhealthy manner.Make sure you have consulted your doctor or health care professional.Before conducting long term fasting make sure you have gathered all appropriate information to do it in a healthy way.

How did I survive for 24 hrs?

You can’t even imagine doing fast for 24hrs without water made me feel realize that how food very important to our body but the right food! Offcourse water is extremely important as I was only drinking water all the day and sometimes I felt like it’s enough now let’s eat something but the next second I thought I will lose the benefits of fasting so I tried to keep up my spirit as I kept fast after many months so it was not easy to control your hunger.

Why did I fast ? 

People always had this misconception that fasting is only  related to weight loss,but its lot more than that.It actually detoxify your body and cleanse everything which is not needed in your body.

The science behind fasting

When we fast,our body doesn’t have access to glucose and forcing cells to produce energy from other materials.As a result, body begins the process of gluconeogenesis which is the natural process of producing it’s own sugar.Our liver helps to convert non-carbohydrate materials like fats,amino acids and lactate into glucose energy.
Because our body conserve energy during fasting,Basal Metabolic Rate(The amount of energy our body burns in its rest state) become more efficient and therefore for it lowers our heard rate and blood sugar.

The Benefits of fasting

1. Autophagy

Autophagy is like self-cleaning or spring cleaning for your cells.while your body is in fasted state,since no food or fuel is coming in,your body must only rely solely on what you already have within your body as a fuel source.
Now your body is focusing on finding a fuel source form within,so it has only option junk cells which includes dead,dying or damaged cells.
Getting rid of these of damaged or dysfunctional cells can prevent illness,because when these cells accumulates  they can cause negative effects on your body. Studies have been conducted which shows that autophagy can help fight illness, infectious diseases, regulate inflammation and help boost your immune system. It can also help get rid of cells that cause the negative effects of aging on the body, therefore, autophagy has the ability to help with anti-aging.
 Overall, this is definitely one of the biggest benefits of long term fasting, as it can help your body clean out any junk it doesn’t need and continue running smoothly! 
2. Insane energy levels and increases productivity 
When your body is in fasted state,your brain goes to neuro-protective phase,during this time we have heightened state of functioning.I felt that I was bit sharp doing my things like writing a blog or doing a shoot or editing a video and you feel like you have no energy to do anything but that’s your mind actually I did lot of things that day and I felt like spa I know you won’t believe but I literally felt relaxed.
3. Fat burning process starts
Our liver go through a process called lipolysis,which is breaking down or burning of fat.Fasting can help improve this function throught autophagy,so your body is able to more fat,more efficiently.
Now main part comes that is how fat is stored in your body.Everytime we eat,our bodies release
 insulin into the body.Insulin acts as a signal to let your body know there is glucose or fuel ready to be obsorbed from your bloodstream into your cells.when it doesn’t get absorbed,it will be stored as fat.
When you develop an insulin resistance, the glucose is NOT being absorbed properly by your cells, so your body continues to release insulin and continues to store this glucose as fat. Therefore, developing insulin resistance means your insulin levels will go up and your body will store more fat. Long term fasting can help prevent this.
When you develop insulin resistance means when your insulin level go up that is the glucose is NOT being absorbed properly by your cells, so your body continues to release insulin and continues to store this glucose as fat.
Long term fasting can help prevent this. It will help you to improve your insulin sensitivity so your body can respond properly whatever you eat.
4. Boosts immunity
Long term fasting stimulates the new growth of stem cells which are very special kind of cells.They have the ability to develop into multiple different kind of cells.Studies have shown that stem cells bring NEW LIFE.
Fasting has lot of benefits but if your body is not adjustable or you get any problems then I would suggest you to try
Intermittent fasting where you can decide your own hrs of eating and fasting period.

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