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Should you eat before or after excercising?Most of you must be thinking that somewhere you read eating before excercise is healthy and on some other blog,eating after excercise is healthy so we will deeply understand the science behind the sayings.
“Should you eat before or after excercising?” we all are concerned about our health and this question pop up in our mind,when should we eat to get the maximum benefits of the food.Nutrition and exercise are the two most important factor for our overall health and these two factors affect each other too.
This question is relevant for those who excercise first thing in the morning.Studies have shown that your body’s responses differ based on whether or not you eat before workout.

If you do not eat before workout increases your body’s ability to use fat as fuel

The primary sources of fuel for our body is body fat and carbohydrates.Fat is stored in the form of triglycerides in fat tissue and carbs are stored in your muscles and liver as a molecule known as glycogen.carbs are also stored in the form of blood sugar.
Studies shows that blood sugar spike up before  and during excercise when you eat before doing excercise.
This sounds sensible that most of our pre-workout meals in particular studies provided as 
carbs,which the body used for energy during workout.
Many experimental studies have shown that fat burning was higher during empty stomach workout while glucose and insulin level were higher when people excercise after eating.
So it is totally depend upon your body’s natural ability to function on pre-workout meal or post-workout meal.

Excercising on an empty stomach may not lead to a greater fat loss (should you eat before or after excercising)

Some studies have demonstrated that individuals responses are different who excercised on an empty stomach compared to those who ate before excercise.However,the ability of the muscles to burn fat during excercise and the ability of the body to maintain sugar levels were improved with fasted excercise but not with pre-meal workout.
Despite some evidences,there is no strong evidence that working out on an empty stomach can lead to great fat loss.We are not ending our conclusion here,we have one more scenario on this topic.After reading that,I am sure you will get your answer.

I was wrong about this: if you eat before workout it will fuel you up for excercise 

I know you are getting confused with this but don’t worry I will tell you the conclusion.Few months ago, I was thinking that eating before excercise fuel you up and you can go longer period workouts.But I was feeling sluggish and nauseous during my workouts but I was not getting rid of my thought that eating before excercise so the body can absorb nutrients efficiently,somewhere I read this.
Then I started understanding my body that did experiments,Not eating before workout makes me feel very light and energetic this is what I experienced so not I eat post-meal workout approx. 30 minutes after excercise.
But offcourse it is true that for longer period workout you need to fuel yourself so that you will not feel dizzy during your excercise.So you should eat before 30 minutes or 1 hour of workout so that you will not feel nauseous during your excercise.


Listen to your body how it is more comfortable and do accordingly because pressuring your body to adapt eating habits doesn’t give you the beneficial results.

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