Since 2017,Salman khan has been struggling with Eid releases,as his last big hit came in 2016 which was also his best film on Eid.So with Movies like Tubelight(2017),Race 3(2018) and Bharat(2019) he made harrick of craps on Eid.This is the reason why this three films couldn’t get clean hits in India.2020,also went without Eid release,but in 2021,he came back again on his favourite festival but unfortunately the chain of bad films goes on.

Korean crime action drama “The Outlaws” was a big hit there and it has a good entertainment in it even though it doesn’t have anything extraordinary. It’s a simple film where the cop part is to demolish the drug racket.It entertains with typical korean style action and focuses on regional regional gangars.Radhe makes totally massive version of it by destroying the simplicity of the korean drama “The Outlaws” and inappropriate factors included like outdated vision,unmatched romance and cheap humor takes away all the chances of making it a decent flick.

Character ‘Radhe’ (Salman Khan),acts as an outrageous cop who doesn’t follow any rules hired by senior officers to stop the drug racket in the city.He claims to clean the city but was not aware about the new drug dealer ‘Rana'(Randeep Hooda) who is evil kind of guy.Disha Patani acts as ‘Diya’ love interest of Radhe and also a sister of senior officer ‘Mr. Avinash’ (Jackie shroff).The storyline of this movie is same as the “The Outlaws” with exact situation being recreated,while entertainment and the romance are added.This additional factors have destroyed the screenplay because then it had to compromise with the story’s essence.At the same time it tries so many forceful and unconventional looks just make it look messy and then it turns into pathetic childish affair.

Radhe has a simple story which makes sense for youth audience however screenplay doesn’t work their part well and forgets to make a speech on it while too much care taken on machoism and hardcore scenics.

Entry scene of salman,He jumps into the room by breaking the whole glass and spits a piece of a glass on a man but guess what,this incident happens in silent.Can you believe this?Breaking a glass without noise?? It doesn’t end here,there are almost 10 -12 scenes in the movies which goes like this without making even one percent sense.I don’t expect an intellectual cinema like Bimay ray,satyajit ray or massy film like rajmouli and rohit shetty from salman,I know Prabhudava’s and his limits so I expect a decent movie not anything more.I mean he made good films like Sultan,Wanted,Dabang and decent/average films like Ek tha tiger,Bodyguard and many more but this is just so degrading,I mean the entire idea of making it commercial entertainer is lost.

Acting wise Radhe is a big disaster cinema,the only guy who has done some acting is Randeep Hooda rest all are hedious.Radhe movie is lifted by some action scenes and Salman Khan-The Superstar but downgraded by Salman Khan-an Actor.He acts as absurd on so many occasions and Disha Patani and Jackie Shroff totally looks clueless in the entire film.Prabhudava’s outdated vision and B grade direction are the two reasons why radhe fails to make it a decent flick.The time has come to quit direction,I don’t think he will be able to make fantastic films like Wanted and Rowdy Rathore( both are copy-pasted)and always continue using the same methods he used for these two films won’t save him for sure.Overall Radhe is little fun with more boredom and it’s nothing but the Race 3 set in cops world.

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