Oxygen concentrator on rent:this covid-19 pandemic made people to search for oxygen concentrator and people are keen to know the prices to buy or take it on rent.So we will discuss here what is Oxygen Concentrator and how does it helps covid-19 patients and whether a person should buy or take it on rent because many people are unable to afford it.

Oxygen Concentrators are in huge demand and it is something which is on everyone’s mind right now as India has the shortage of this basic necessity in this deadly second wave of coronavirus.In this situation,India has the increased number of fresh covid-19 cases on a daily basis as many people continue to lose their precious lives because of shortage of Oxygen.Here is everything you need to know about Oxygen Concentrators.

What is Oxygen Concentrator ?

In layman terms,Oxygen Concentrator is a device which concentrates Oxygen from the atmospheric air (which consist of 78% nitrogen,21% oxygen and 1% of the gases) on it’s own not like the medically sourced oxygen provided in hospitals via industrial units in the form of oxygen cylinders.So it is a movable,it can move around easily and no refilling required.

Mechanism:An Oxygen cylinder takes the oxygen from the room or nearby surroundings,purifies it and produces the oxygen for the patient or the person in need.

What are the things you should keep in mind while taking Oxygen Concentrator on rent

According to doctors,One needs to keep in mind certain things while procuring the Oxygen Concentrators at home.

  • If the patient is using Oxygen Concentrator for long hours,then ensure that the room of the patient is well ventilated and there is constant flow of fresh air.Therefor windows and door should be opened properly.
  • If covid-19 patient has extreme fluctuations in oxygen levels on the oximeter and it goes below 94 then lot of oxygen concentrators will also not help,and he will be needed immediate medical help followed by hospitalisation.
  • If the patient is waiting for the arrangement of bed in the hospitals,then it is recommended that he can use Oxygen Concentrators device at home or Oxygen cylinders with proning.Proning is a technique suggest by the experts to improve breathing comfort and oxygenation.A detailed guidelines of proning have been released by ministry of health and family welfare.

What is the Purchase Cost and Rental Cost of Oxygen Concentrators ?

Due to the increased number of covid-19 cases,cost of Oxygen Concentrators has gone up.

1.Purchase Cost

A capacity of 5ltr Oxygen Concentrator is most commonly used OC.Lets take the example of Philip’s company,The cost of Oxygen Concentrator of Philip’s company was about 50k pre-covid,now costs about 75k.The other brands could be 5-10k less.

2. Rental Cost

If you take the same oxygen concentrator on rent,costs anywhere between 3500-5000 rs per month or you can assume 4000 rs per month on an average and portable Oxygen concentrators are available,costs 6000 rs per week.But due to covid-19 rental costs has also gone up depends on the availability.You may consider renting only if you expect to go out on rare occasions.

3. Accessories

One set of items such as humidifier bottle,nasal cannula etc. you will get while purchasing new OC.Howeever,If you take an Oxygen Concentrator on rent,One set needs to be purchased.One time cost of set of these accessories can be assumed as 5000 rs.

4.Maintenance Cost

Maintenance could be a headache for you as if you rent an OC,the maintenance responsibility is of rental company but maintenance cost is included in the rent charges and if the machine not working properly theh will replace it.So if you think you can take risk to use rented Oxygen concentrator for the covid-19 patient,your choice.

5. New vs Used

When you rent an equipment,It is likely to be used,For health concern,It doesn’t matter as long as you have changed mask,tube and accessories.However if it OC is highly used,it may have the chances of failure.You should check how many hours the oxygen Concentrator has been already used before you accept the machine on rent.

6.Average life of machine

Average life span of Oxygen concentrator typically 5 years( depends on usage and maintenance)10000hrs.

So now after reading this blog,decision is yours whether you want to buy it or take it on rent.If you are planning to buy then you can email me on pbirla007@gmail.com as I have a company details delivering accross the India.The images of the device shown in this blog is the same company’s device whose details I can provide.

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