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 Myths About Ghee

Do you know majority of people are thinking that ghee increases obesity and not good for their health and even before I was thinking that ghee can deposit fat easily on my belly as I am very conscious about my fitness then I started reading blogs ,experimental studies and then I decided to write this blog to share my knowledge on myths about ghee.
Ghee is clarified butter,which is the healthy food originated in India and now has taken over the world.Do you know our grandparents were eating ghee without any worry and never concerned about health issues but why we have so much problem with the ghee and not only ghee but many other healthy food it’s because of our lifestyle and the myths we hear around ourselves.
Ghee is used for various ayurvedic treatments and loaded with vitamins A,D,E and rich in antioxidants.Nowadays marketers are showing ghee as health evil and selling refined oils just for their profit as they know we can get pure ghee easily if we connect to villagers living in India or Good organic brand which is not easy to get.So Now let’s talk about the myths which people are spreading since the beginning of 21st century.
Myths about ghee

1. Ghee will make you fat or increases obesity

This is the worst myth prevents so many health freaks from eating ghee.Since ghee is rich in omega-3(DHA) and omega-6 
(CLA)  which is the conjugated linoleic acid which have shown to increase the lean body mass while reducing fat mass.Ghee is the only fat that improves digestion and metabolism. Ghee is filled with essential amino acids which can shrink the size of fat cells and it also helps in mobilizing fat cells to be burnt for energy.Now you can think where were we wrong.

2. Lactose intolerant should not have ghee

It is not relevant to say this without proper knowledge.While preparing ghee,all the milk solids were separated from it and resulting into liquid form without lactose properties,so you can include 1-2 tablespoon of ghee in your diet irrespective of your gender or age.

3. Ghee has saturated fats which is harmful 

Yes,ghee has saturated fats but it’s not the same like the fats which can be found in junk food biscuits and pizzas.It contains no transfat which harms the body most and it has MUFA(monounsaturated fatty acids)between 29-32%  which is desirable dietary fat that helps in mobilizing fats from the stubborn fat areas of the body.

4. Ghee increases cholesterol 

Increase in cholesterol level is definitely bad but blaming ghee is prelevant! since ghee increases lipid contribution, it actually helps in reducing cholesterol.So if you are under stress,liver produces higher levels of cholesterol and stress is a big contributor for high cholesterol levels and if you consume ghee,it ensures that you sleep better,destress,feel fresh…all these will help you lowering your cholesterol.

5. Ghee should not be consumed by heart patients

This is the biggest myth ever!Ghee is rich in antioxidants,conjugated linoleic acid(CLA) and vitamin A,D,E.All of these are essential for maintaining heart health and it also contains linoleic and alpha linolenic acid ratio (LA/ALA) which is important for preventing heart disease.
So now think how it is bad for the heart.

6. Ghee is harmful to your overall health

If you are eating pure desi ghee in significant portion consists of monounsaturated fatty acids 
Which is considered as a sort of dietary fat and it doesn’t harm your body.Medical studies have also confirmed that ghee can be used to stop cancer by decreasing the enzyme activity that activates carcinogens in liver.It helps in boosting the carcinogen detoxification and reduces chances of any cancerous growth in your body.So if you consume ghee carefully,it has many benefits and good for your health.
Conclusion: Taking 1-2 tablespoon of ghee doesn’t make you fat or not bad for your heart.It’s food not enemy.Improve your lifestyle so that you can consume everything in moderate figure and enjoy the benefits of ghee.

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