My periods are 4 days late! Should you be worried about it? No,This is not the topic to get stressed if you are not in a relationship and if it is happening with you for the first time.So don’t worry,as long as your menstrual cycle is stable,3-4 days is normal.

My periods are 4 days late? There could be various reasons for late periods like :


Stress can be the cause for delayed or missed periods especially in teens.Stress is the part of everyone’s life but when the stress level rises,it can affect your body in a bad way.


This is the most common cause in today’s women.Every 1 out of 10 women is suffering from PCOD/PCOS and missed and delayed periods is one of the major symptom of this disorder.

3.Physical Exertion

If You are doing too much excercise or stressing your body to do more workout,so this can also be the reason for getting late periods.

4.Thyroid Problem:

If you have thyroid issue like overactive or underactive thyroid gland so it can also causes missed periods.

5.Obesity or Being Underweight

If you are overweight or underweight,both the situations affects your body in a bad way leading to late periods or missed periods.

6. Chronic Diseases

Chronic diseases such as celiac disease,diabetes also can affect your menstrual cycle and changes in blood sugar level is linked with harmonal changes,so even though it’s rare,diabetes controlled poorly could also cause your periods to be irregular.

Women who are in relationship

Most important for the women who are in relationship if your period are more than a week late then am-I-pregnant worries should happen.By then,you can simple take a pregnancy test and you will get to know whether you are pregnant or not,but after pregnancy test also ,you should also make an appointment with your doctor to explain your situation.

There can be various other reasons if you are a women with menopause period so reasons can differ according to age.

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