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Libido after menopause: case study,It is obviously natural that man and woman both are sexual beings from birth to death.What you should remember is that sex drive is unique to each woman and can range from none to abundant….all being “normal”.

While going through the menopause,you might notice that your sex drive or libido is changing.Some women experience increased in libido while others experience decrease in libido.So not every woman go through this libido decrease,though it is very common,But in most of the cases,decrease in libido due to decreased harmone levels.

Yes,its a fact that menopause can cause some body issues such as hot flashes or vaginal dryness,which can be the reason for not having pleasurable sex.But you can enjoy the benefits like no risk of pregnancy.

Libido after menopause

Since many years,society has been telling that women doesn’t get much sexual feeling after menopause and that is lie.But this lie is comes from the belief that only youth is sexy.

After menopause,Women go through certain harmonal changes in their body like drop in estrogen and testosterone levels.Due to the lower levels of estrogen in the body can cause drop in blood supply to the vagina which can affect vaginal lubrication,causing the vagina to be too dry makes it difficult to do sex.

While it is commonly thought that libido decreases right after menopause and therefore sexual appetite will diminish,this is a myth!The need for intimacy is ageless.

some researchers have shown in their studies that physically body takes longer to get going,but sexual desire remain same.So here is what you can do if you are menopausal and really want to enjoy sex life.

Use it or lose it: Largest sex organ of our body is Brain which Is keeping sexual thoughts and activities in mind are vital.In addition to this,Vagina needs circulation and penetration to help keep its tissues healthy and strong.Weekly penetration( either with a dildo or penis) using adequate lube(for comfort),with as many orgasms as you would like,is the key to keeping your sex drive live.

Excercisyou could e is sexcercise:If you do excercise oftenly,it will improve your brain to your body connections and really make a difference to your relaxtion,pleasure and rest.So make sure you are doing excercise on regular basis out of the bedroom and dont forget to take nice night sleep.

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