How To Get Motivated For Excercise 


I won’t say I was in the same situation as you because I love excercise and I have my ‘WHY’ that is I need to be always fit to look perfect model and I strongly believe that you lack your ‘WHY’ . What you need is a drive, a WHY for what you want to do. Unless that drive comes from within you, you will continue to be lazy.

Let me share my tips to get motivated for excercise

I am gonna make it very simple first convince how fitness is very important by following fitness models,reading blogs related to health benefits,watching excercise videos and most important just get the reason why you want to be fit offcourse many will get the answer always looking young kind of compliment, disease free body, relaxation, active body etc.
I have one insecurity now!
What if I become weak with my muscles and what if I get a big fat belly? (It’s only fair for me because a slim body and a belly don’t match)This is the best reason and my secret to always stay motivated so you should keep one insecurity that can push you for LIFETIME.This is how you can get motivated for excercise for long term.
Buy yourself some new cool workout gear,you only have one pair of gym shorts or yoga pants, it’s easy to skip working out because you haven’t done laundry. Treat yourself to a few new pieces of athletic wear that you really love. You’ll be excited to work out just to have an excuse to wear them!
Quality running, walking or hiking shoes are important to be fitted properly to you, to prevent injuries and losing dedication towards your excercise.
So now we cleared our WHY and one insecurity for everlasting motivation Now greed yourself every moment especially for the starting months like plan your workout one day prior(which excercise you gonna do tomorrow think about it), keeping amazing playlist for workout so that you can enjoy your excercise, treat yourself after excercise not by sweets but by sweet fruits or a juice if it’s available but homemade I think I have shared everything about my habits I know I could have made these on points but if you read like this it would be more effective on your mind.
Conclusion: applying these tips and stick to your routine can help you get motivated for excercise. Befor you start your weight loss journey  head on to know top underrated weightloss tips that will make you think why you didnt consider it.

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