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How Overthinking Affects Your Overall Health

I overthink everything all the time,so I can relate this blog very much and I thought to help people to know how it affects our overall health.let me share my process of overthinking in detail and how it affects not only our mental health but also physical health.
I overthink a single sentence told me by another person.Why is she saying? Why can’t they be truthful and peaceful? What happened yesterday? What happened on that day when I was travelling so and so city? I too much overthink about social topics like why 98% are thinking same and only 2% are standing for good.Why always women have to fight for everything that we can’t even explain?
 If watching something on any digital platform and it’s not right from my perspective I think a lot and lot I can’t even express that feeling you can say for a day atleast? Always thinking about political issues,female problems,No equality  for females in each and every home of india,some families might have great thoughts because they might have also fought on each and every small things.Even I fought for many things and still fighting for all this issues Our mind became like a dust bean  so the main reason we overthink is our past that we can’t forget.
Do you think we deserve this? Apculately not!
Human mind is the most powerful thing and we are unable to use it in a right way just because of our emotions.So we should know that how it affects our mental health and physical health and how can we get rid of overthinking.


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Overthinking means thinking at a pace that is much higher than usual. For example, if my mind generates two or three thoughts a minute in its normal course, it might generate ten to twelve thoughts when disturbed. This is very important – the fact that our pace of thinking rises in the face of disturbance. Now, the external event that causes a disturbance in the mind differs from person to person.Typicall though,it can be some sort of emotions related to your past that keep on hurting you or thinking about the social topics which are related generally to everyone .
Not only are the thoughts excessive but are all centered around a single topic. Most people report that they keep replaying an unpleasant event over and over again in their mind while thinking excessively in this manner or that they keep thinking about how they wish things would have never occurred that way. When we talk about overthinking, we refer to this pattern of cyclic and purposeless thinking.
It is important for us to know that our mind can produce only one thought at a time. It can switch rapidly from one thought to the next. However, it cannot think about two things simultaneously. This implies that when we overthink in the defeating fashion which I have already described.we actively prohibit our mind from thinking about productive, useful solutions to our problem. Besides, since our mind will be exhausted if and when this thinking comes to an end, we will not have the strength to focus on solutions to our problems.

How overthinking affects your overall health?

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When you do over thinking, your body responds,
Your blood vessels constrict, Your blood pressure and pulse rise,You breathe faster,Your bloodstream is flooded with hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.When you’re chronically stressed, those physiologic changes, over time, can lead to health problems.

1. Disrupts your sleep


If you are an overthinker,so you might not be able to sleep properly because your mind is not at peace.Ruminating on almost everything and constantly worrying over things which have little or  no control often lead to fewer hours of sleep.This is not applicable to everyone because some people might be very strict about their health.I must say this I sleep very well if I am a overthinker because for me my schedule is very important so if I need to wake up around 5am then all thought are gone before 10 and only thought my morning schedule.I am very happy to share some of my good events which can not be spoiled by overthinking also.

2. It impacts your brain

Overthinking can put you under constant stress and stress can increase levels of cortisol, which can wear down your brain’s ability to function properly. It can even kill brain cells and reduce the size of the brain. It has a shrinking effect on the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.

3. It can suppress your immune system

If you are overthinking too much and stressed  then it may release stress hormone corticosteroid which can suppress the effectiveness of your immune system and it becomes weak then you are more susceptible to infectious diseases and you get ill often.

4. It affects your digestive system

This is literally my issue I have a bloating problem and i think that it because of my emotions,Even you felt uneasy during daytime after eating or drinking anything,so is there a real connection between your gut and your emotions? Yes,any kind of anxiety,stress or overthinking can trouble your gastrointestinal track like irritable bowel syndrome and acidity because it increases intestinal permeability and make changes in the intestinal microbiota.

5. You won’t be much creative

Studies in UK found out that specific areas of your mind and cognitive processes are peaceful, you are more creative. There is a ‘mental rut’ that clogs your brain and it is then your thoughts are stuck.   

6. Causes height blood pressure and cardiovascular disease 

If you repetitively thinking about something,it stresses you out,then cause your blood pressure to rise which can lead to coronary disease,waking of heart muscle and heart failure.
Conclusion:Getting rid of this thinking patterns are easier said than done.In my next blog I will be sharing some tips to get rid of overthinking like how I am limiting my thinking pattern.

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