“How does homeopathy medicines work?”This question always comes to our mind when people says homeopathy is very different Allopathy.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the medical system which describes that body can cure itself.People who are practicing homeopathy uses small amounts natural substances,like plants and minerals.They believe homeopathy stimulates the healing process.

Homeopathy is developed in germany in late 1700s.It’s common in many European countries and it’s not so popular in United States.

How does homeopathy medicines work?

Basic concept behind homeopathy is something that brings on symptoms in a healthy person can, in a very small dose,treat an illness with similar symptoms.It means it is likely to trigger body’s natural defenses.

Example: Do you know red onion makes your eyes water.That’s why onion is used for allergy in homeopathic medicines.Medicinal treatments are made from white arsenic,poison ivy,crushed whole bees and herb called arnica.

While preparing this medicines,homeopathic doctors weaken these ingredients by adding alcohol or water.They shake the mixture as part of the process called “potenization”.This process transfers the healing essence.They believe that the lower the dose,the more powerful medicine.infact,many of these medicines are not containing any molecules of the original substance.You can see them in variety of forms like liquid drops,creams,sugar pellets,gels,tablets.I am sure now you understand how homeopathy medicines work and what are the forms of homeopathy medicines.

When you take an appointment for homeopathic doctor,he will ask you numbers of questions related about your mental,emotional,physical health,They will give you the prescribe you the remedy that matches your symptoms.They take long time for the treatment.

You can buy homeopathic medicines over drug stores and health food stores.The dosage and quality of these products varies according to the manufacturer.

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