Best way to build your immune system up:Since we are all aware about the coronavirus vaccine but there is no guarantee that you won’t be affected by coronavirus.The only thing that could save all of us from this hazardous virus is “high immunity“.

Apart from this pandemic,let’s talk about the other issues which shows that we don’t have strengthened immunity.Many people get cold every now and then, because they are sensitive to their surroundings.They can be sensitive to pollution,dust,insects,dust which can cause allergies and also can get sensitive to different types of food.

In this blog,I will be sharing all the the best ways to build your immune system up.

Let’s understand what is “immunity

What is Immunity?

As in layman term,Out immune system defends our body from disease causing microorganisms.In simple words,It acts like a fighter for you who sworned to defend your body against anyone who threatens it.The main purpose of immune system is to protect your body against various diseases and also helps in recovery of injury.

Best way to build your Immune System up and 7 possible ways you should know

1.Excercise Regularly

Exercising regularly reduces inflammation in the body and promote healthy turnover of immune cells.You don’t need to do weight lifting if you are not athletic,you can do moderate excercises like jogging,walking,skipping,cycling etc. So never skip excercise.This is one of the top best way to build your immune system up.

2.Have more healthy fats

If you are eating healthy fats in your diet,it means they will boost your immune system by reducing inflammation.Do you know that,low level inflammation is the normal response to your stress but chronic inflammation can suppress your immune system.Healthy fats like omega-3 fatty acids,olive oil are highly anti-inflammatory.So if your body gets chronic inflammation,these healthy fats can combat illness.

3. You should get enough Sleep

There are many studies found that,sleep and immunity is closely related.On an average,a person should get around 8 hrs of sleep a day.According to age,sleeping hours differs.So getting adequate amount of sleep naturally strengthens our immune system.So allow your immune system to work efficiently agains any virus or bacteria while you were asleep.

4.Limitation on added sugar

Added sugar are one of the main contributors to the problems like type-2 Diabetes,Obesity,Heart Attack can suppress your immune system.I have written a blog on what is fat so there you can get the answer why added sugar is the main contributor to various health issues.Lowering your intake of sugar might help in decrease the inflammation of the body and eventually improve immune system.This is the best way to build your immune system up.

5.Control Stress Level

I know its difficult to stay calm in panic situation,but taking stress unnecessarily,you are just worsening your condition.Relieving anxiety and stress is key to your immune can so different types of mind,body practices to lower your stress levels like Yoga,excercise,medication and other practices which will help to keep your functioning of the immune system properly.

6. Decision of No Smoking

Say clear ‘No’ to smoking as it harms the immune system and makes your body weak at fighting diseases.In addition to this,Smoking is known to compromise equilibrium or balance of the immune system.This increases several immune and autoimmune disorders so chain smokers should immediately quit smoking.

7. Prevent yourself from various types of infection

Do you know why we get infected suddenly,because infections are caused by microorganisms knows as pathogens like fungi,bacteria,virus and parasites which enteres our body,multiply and interfere our normal body functions.So You should take some precautions to stay away from infections.

  • Wash your Hands properly after every activity.
  • Cover your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • If you have any cuts on your body,wash and bandage them.
  • Do not pick at healing wounds or blemishes.
  • Dont share utensils,glasses,cups,dishes with everyone.
  • Avoid direct contact with tissues,napkins,handkerchiefs used by others.

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