How to relieve menstural cramps- unbearable period pain | Poojafitdiva

How to relieve menstural cramps-unbearable period pain-Menstural cramps are also known as desmynorrhea,mostly used by doctors.Dysmenorrhea or period pains are painful sensations can felt in lower abdomen that can occur both before and during menstrual period.The pain ranges from less suffering to extreme cramps.Menstural cramps are tend to begin after an egg is released from … Read more

Libido after menopause: case study | poojafitdiva

Libido after menopause: case study,It is obviously natural that man and woman both are sexual beings from birth to death.What you should remember is that sex drive is unique to each woman and can range from none to abundant….all being “normal”. While going through the menopause,you might notice that your sex drive or libido is … Read more

Fitness lifestyle of Indian people

“Fitness lifestyle of Indian people”,Hi everyone,If you already know me before this blog seems wonderful otherwise here I am to tell you the glimpse of me before starting to write my first blog.I am Pooja Birla working as a professional model(freelancer) and an Instagram influencer love to travel, fitness enthusiast,love singing and love to help … Read more

9 ways to get disciplined to start your healthy eating habits

9 ways to get disciplined to start your healthy eating habits“I know what I am supposed to do, I just can’t get myself to do it!” Welcome to the club – we all know what we need to do, but we just can’t get ourselves to make the important changes. We know how to get … Read more

Top 10 Healthy Food To Eat In The Morning Breakfast

Top 10 Healthy Food To Eat In The Morning Breakfast   “The most important meal of the day is breakfast” might sound like a tale but some beliefs are worth the hype.If a person need to avoid potential brain-fog induced by low-blood sugar, you need breakfast.Usually,Starting off the day with a full, nutrient-dense meal also allows you … Read more

What causes bloating in the stomach?

  What causes bloating in the stomach? Bloating can have many causes. It can occur when you swallow too much air, when an excess of gas accumulates in the intestines, during the fermentation processes, or due to the impossibility of eliminating gases from the intestines. In some cases, bloating causes a noticeable swelling of the … Read more

Surprising health Benefits of fasting for 24 hrs | poojafitdiva

Surprising Health Benefits of Fasting For 24 hrs I tried it,24 hour fast I am writing this blog because I did fasting for exact 24 hrs and I felt very different physically, mentally and spiritually.It actually has tons of benefits! Health disclaimer : Long term fasting is not for everyone ans ofcourse can have many … Read more